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Kika da Silva

-  A r t i s t  i n  m o v e m e n t  -

Needle Goes Velvet and Kika Da Silva
A NICO tribute - Featuring Matt Watts

Y a k i  d e  G r a n à

" T h e  r e v i v a l  o f  F l a m e n c o " 

S t i l l   i m a g e s

A n  e x t e n d e d  v i d e o  b y  
K i k a  D a  S i l v a
a n d  J ö r g e n  S o n c k

K i k a  D a  S i l v a
a u t h o r  o f

KIKA DA SILVA - artist in movement.

Among her key skills and interests are artistic photography, dancing and the making of short films.

Kika has been on both sides of the camera as dancer, actress, musician and as a producer, writer or director. Effervescent and passionate Kika includes magic as a staple ingredient in her various art manifestations.

Born close to Antwerp in Belgium Kika Da Silva doesn’t have boundaries and has travelled extensively around the globe, gathering experiences and ideas for her artistic projects en route.

It was however Ibiza that truly stole her heart, and that wonderful place was the obvious subject for ‘Island of Lost Souls’, her move into the world of audiovisual experiments. Next to all that Kika has three books published.

Her latest project in 2018 is to revive Yaki de Granada, her Granada based flamenco group and bring them to Belgium for performances in which she also will take part.