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A collection of short stories about Kika's experience in Andalucia, Spain.

A diary of a multilingual creative running a business in Granada, Andalucia with an interesting chapter about Granada's Holy processions during Semana Santa.

Fe Noches Blancas

"What I love about Ibiza is that you can walk the streets with a piece of shit on your head and no one will question it."

Summer months, with portraits of the party-goers and other 'strange birds' from various nations on this spanish island, generally regarded as a cosmopolitan 'Sodom and Gomorra' in the Mediterranean. 


It’s a tribute to punk & to all the bands and people who cooperated.

It’s Kika's respect towards a movement that changed the history of music.

Click for an in depth interview with Ludo Mariman,

godfather of Belgian punk and Kika.

(backcover polar fury Lieven Herreman)